Patient Stories

What’s it Like to have our team visit your home?

Stories From Our Patients:

What Retired ENT, Dr. Charles Gross Thought …

It was our honor to care for Professor Emeritus Dr. Charles Gross. As a retired ear, nose and throat physician, Dr Gross shares his thoughts of having our team travel to his home and how it was different to what he expected.

He enjoyed how he could get service right at home without having to travel and he shares whether he would recommend ‘Hearing at Home’,

It was a pleasure and we’re excited to continue to serve Dr. Gross.

I Can Hear Every Note Again!

Our patient, who is a local guitar maker and keen musician, discusses the improvement in sound quality he’s now able to enjoy thanks to his new hearing aids.

Music sounds are fuller and well-rounded; listening to conversations is easier, and phone calls are no longer a challenge.

It brings us great pride to have been able to help him enjoy his passion again.

This Airline Pilot’s Hearing is Crucial for Passenger Safety

For this commercial airline pilot, his passenger’s safety is heavily reliant on how well he can hear and communicate.

He explains how Michael’s support to fine-tune his hearing aids has been invaluable and how he’s even gone out of his way to meet him at the airport when his hearing aid needed fixing up.

I Heard a Clock Tick for the First Time

Andrea feels blessed with her newfound hearing thanks to the help she has received from Hearing at Home Mobile Hearing Center.

She shares how it feels to hear everyday sounds again, from the clock ticking, to children playing out in the street.

Carolyn’s Arthritis Made Leaving Home Difficult

Carolyn’s chronic arthritis makes leaving the house and traveling around a real challenge, so she was delighted to have the hearing care she needed come to the comfort of her own home.

Carolyn has been so excited about the care she has received from us that she describes it as “the best thing that ever happened to her.”

Hearing Care at Home Makes so Much Sense

Dave, a retired sound engineer shares his experience of using Hearing at Home Mobile Hearing Center and how the service has been convenient, fast, and incredibly responsive.

Gary Struggled to Hear for 30+ Years

It was an absolute joy to work with Gary, who had been unable to hear for more than 30 years previously. After trying many styles of hearing aids from many different businesses, Gary for the 1st time hears better than he ever has.

Gary shares how having hearing care that comes to him at home as been so helpful to him and how he can now hear sounds he never could before.

Ken’s Life Has Been Made Easier

Ken shares how Michael helped him when his hearing aid was damaged and the benefits of using a mobile hearing care service that comes to your home.

Ken feels delighted with the service and care we provide to him, and we’re just as delighted to serve him.

My New Hearing Aids Are “The Bee’s Knees”

Our delightful patient, Mary, shares how her new hearing aids have allowed her to enjoy a new lease of life, thanks to Hearing at Home Mobile Hearing Center.

She is now able to hear what her friends are talking about and doesn’t have to annoy them anymore with the TV too loud.

She loves her new hearing aids.


They Helped me be Prepared for the Workday Ahead

Jonathan provides essential healthcare in our community and relies on his hearing to carry out his job thoroughly and without stress.

When his hearing aid wasn’t working correctly, we were able to visit him at home and carry out the repair, allowing him to prepare for an important day ahead.

The Customer Service is “Off the Charts”

Verna shares why she trusts the Hearing at Home team with her hearing needs.

She praises us for our extensive product knowledge and the valuable guidance she gets from us. Verna enjoys the privacy of a hearing test at home and highly recommends one to anyone.

Bob Didn’t Realize How Much he Was Missing

Retired Bob Hall tells us how his hearing aids have become his ‘new ears’ and how surprised he was at just how much he was missing without them.

Bob feels the support that Hearing at Home Mobile Hearing Center has provided has been the key to his success as a new hearing aid wearer.

He describes us as friendly, meaningful, and caring. Another happy patient who we adore.

Jane Says It’s the Best Service She’s Ever Received

Jane has had hearing aids from three different places but found Hearing at Home to be the best!

The team were thrilled to hear that Jane highly recommends Hearing at Home, saying “the convenience of them coming to your home can’t be beat”.

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Elder Law Attorney Gives Praises to Mobile Hearing Service

When Doris, a popular Charlottesville law attorney, approached us to help one of her elderly clients who was struggling with a hearing loss, we instantly knew our services would be extremely beneficial.

Not only did the hearing help we were able to provide at her home prove highly convenient, the benefits of regaining some of her sense of hearing due to her new hearing aids provided her with a new sense of connection.

Doris has kindly shared her experience. Click here to view the full story.

Anna loved the convenience of a home visit with Hearing at Home.

Back in Grade School I had a hard time understanding my teachers and friends, they tested my hearing but I would cheat on the test! It’s continued to get worse over the years.

I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on hearing aids that didn’t work so I was concerned about whether my sixth pair would work!

The fact that Hearing at Home came out to my house showed they really cared and my new hearing aids have affected my life in many ways. They have improved my relationship with my family as I can finally be part of the conversation.

Hearing at Home were very thorough, took the time to listen to what I was saying and were very patient too.

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Robert recommends Hearing at Home to all of his friends!

I have always worked around loud machinery without hearing protection, I had very severe ringing in my head, it sounded like a zillion crickets!

I have been to see so many people in the past and tried many ‘solutions’ like sound machines, maskers, other hearing aids, but none of them worked for me.

A family friend had hearing aids from Hearing at Home and couldn’t believe the difference they made. I made an appointment and was very impressed by how personable Michael was and the one to one attention he gave us with no distractions, I trusted him completely.

I can now hear things I forgot made sounds like my fridge, my clock and even the birds for the first time in decades. I can finally hold a conversation with my wife.

Hearing at Home are wonderful, you don’t have to get a cab into town, you can stay in the comfort of your own home and get one-to-one care in your own environment. I recommend Hearing at Home to all my friends!

Bonnie can now hear everyone and join in conversations.

I first notice an issue with my hearing when I realised I couldn’t hear my daughter properly anymore and was asking her to repeat a lot.

I would get frustrated and would find myself turning the television up, not realizing the difference hearing aids would make. I can now hear everyone and join in on conversations.

I would definitely recommend Hearing at Home to friends, a lot of my friends don’t drive so it’s wonderful that they will come to your home.