Supporting Virginia’s Hearing Aid Wearers Through COVID-19

With the challenges presented by COVID-19, Hearing at Home has introduced an ‘Emergency Hearing Care Support’ service.

Regardless of where you purchased your hearing aids from, and/or who your local hearing care provider is, we are prioritizing people over profits and offering a Virginia-wide repair and support service.

If you need any help, require a repair to your hearing devices, or would like expert guidance from a hearing care professional, then a special hearing hotline is available between 9 am – 9 pm, seven days per week.

Hearing Hotline: (540) 908-9494

The hotline will be answered by a hearing care professional, and one of our hearing care professionals will be available to drive to you to offer a repair and curbside drop-off/collection service.

Each of our mobile hearing care professionals is checked daily with their temperature being checked and are sanitizing their hands between every collection/drop-off, ensuring safety for you and safety for them.

Our emergency hearing care support will ensure that your hearing technology will continue to work, even if your local provider does not.

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Jimmy Stewart, Co-Owner

Jimmy worked for several years for a large, local hearing aid center prior to co-founding Hearing at Home. He holds a national board certification as well as being a certified dementia practitioner to better serve his patients. He is also a volunteer that provides remote programming of hearing aids for full time volunteers and missionaries around the globe.