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Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith, HIS, CDP, CAOHC

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Meet Courtney Smith, HIS, CDP, CAOHC

Born and raised in Harrisonburg, VA, my life has always been centered around helping others and I love every second of it! From waiting tables to dental assisting, my love of people motivated me to join the family business in February of 2018. Now instead of just filling bellies (which don’t get me wrong is super important), I get to improve their quality of life and nothing is more rewarding.

When I’m not working, I’m usually packing my suitcase for my next adventure. I like keep myself busy in mission work and exploring wherever my spare change can take me. One of my favorite places I’ve traveled so far is Patate, Ecuador where I got to enjoy beautiful mountains and the warm hospitality of the locals.