Raising Awareness and Offering the Most Convenient Hearing Care Services in Virginia


The latest statistics suggest that 1 in 8 Americans have some form of hearing loss in both ears, yet only a small percentage of these people will ever have their hearing tested.

We believe this is for two core reasons.

Firstly, it’s education around hearing health.

Because we all regularly have dental check-ups, our cholesterol checked, and our blood pressure taken but rarely do we have our hearing tested.

But with the World Health Organization recently sharing their concerns for hearing health and the future of hearing health, awareness for the importance of your hearing and the first signs of hearing loss is growing with hearing aids becoming increasingly common and the traditional stigma around hearing aids disappearing.

Secondly, it’s convenience of hearing care.

Investing in hearing care has traditionally been awkward, requiring you to see a busy professional and have to visit an out-of-town hearing care center. Worst of all, if you’re still in employment, then nearly every hearing care center has identical working hours to you, resulting in you having to take time off from work to visit a professional.

But with Hearing at Home, our mission is to help Virginia to hear healthily.

Through educational materials and through our website to raise awareness for the signs of hearing loss, we’re able to help educate those experiencing signs of hearing loss or help loved ones to notice the initial signs.

And through our unique “home visit” model, we’re able to make caring for your hearing health convenient by having a hearing professional travel to your home, office, or retirement community to make caring for your hearing health simple and easy.


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The ‘Hearing at Home’ Journey to Better Hearing

Journey to Better Hearing

How We Can Help

Hearing at Home Consultation


Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

With 1 in 8 Americans having some form of hearing loss, the rate of hearing loss is increasing generation-to-generation with more and more exposure to loud noises.

Yet we all regularly have our cholesterol checked, our blood pressure checked, and our eyes tested, yet rarely do we have our hearing tested.

Hearing at Home take all the effort out of the process and make having a comprehensive hearing assessment simple, effortless and quick.

ReSound Hearing Aids


Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid technology has changed a lot over the past decade, they have gone from large, clunky devices to small, stylish, and often invisible devices that have intelligent Smart technology to connect with your television, cell phone and tablet.

Regardless of the style you’re looking for, our full range includes all main manufacturers and styles to ensure the right hearing aid is chosen based on your unique circumstances, lifestyle, and budget.

By working with Hearing at Home, you can first wear your hearing aids and have your real-world adjustments in your natural environment, ensuring they’re working in the comfort of your own home or workplace.


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