We’re happy to announce Hearing at Home was featured in a story that ran on NBC News TV channel last night.

Jimmy Stewart, a co-founder of Hearing at Home, was interviewed for the piece, which looked at the company’s work assisting older folks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The televised news item was later followed up by an article, placed on the front page of NBC29.com.

Talking to reporter Moriah Davis, Jimmy Stewart said of his vulnerable patients:

When you cannot hear well, you can’t communicate with your loved ones, can’t zoom or Skype anybody, you have a medical issue, you can’t clearly communicate with their physician, that only amplifies their anxiety level.”

The story followed Hearing at Homes development of its Emergency Hearing Care Support – a service set up to help those unable to leave their homes due to the lockdown.

With their fleet of mobile specialists, it showed how the team put people before profits, offering their hearing services to anyone who needed them throughout Virginia.

It also covered the successful launch of its Access Video Audiology (AVA) care system, a telehealth service allowing patients to receive advice and guidance from the comfort of their homes.

Right now, it’s not about making money,” Jimmy explained to Moriah Davis. “It’s just about taking care of the patients who we have – and even those who aren’t our patients, who have a need.”

The report finished by detailing how, since the start of the outbreak in Virginia, staff had driven over 3000 miles for curbside pickups and made around 1400 calls to check on patients.

FIND THE STORY HERE: https://www.nbc29.com/2020/05/05/hearing-aid-service-open-help-older-adults-fix-their-devices-despite-covid-/

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Michael Combs

Prior to co-founding Hearing at Home in 2016, Michael worked for a variety of practices in the Harrisonburg, VA area. He is trained in a wide range of hearing devices and tinnitus therapy. Michael is passionate about bringing healing to people who have been through terrible experiences related to auditory damage. He helps his clients, who include young people, adults and families, with hearing-related issues to learn to enjoy life again and to strengthen their relationships with friends and family through better hearing.