Though you can’t see it growing from day to day, you know when it is time to cut the grass. The same is true with your hearing, you really don’t know there’s a problem until you struggle to understand conversations or when the sound of bird songs disappear during a visit to Shenandoah Park. Proper hearing care is the right response, but an office appointment in Charlottesville can be a challenge as well as a health risk.

In response to a growing need we are providing mobile hearing service to homes and offices in Stanardsville, VA. With more people working from home, the need for self-isolation and social distancing, an in-office visit to healthcare providers is more than just an inconvenience. The mobile hearing professionals from Hearing at Home have been making hearing care more convenient for Virginians since 2009.

Whether you need a hearing test, a hearing aid fitting, care and maintenance for your existing hearing devices or have other hearing care needs, our team of specialists can come to your home, office or wherever you are to deliver hearing care solutions during a critical time.

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Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

Hearing loss is the third most common health concern in America, and it continues to rise from generation to generation. Though you place a high priority on having your cholesterol and blood pressure checked, scheduling an annual physical and having your eyes tested regularly, when was the last time you had a hearing test?

Hearing at Home makes it easier for Stanardsville residents to commit to regular hearing assessments and hearing care by coming to you. Our professionals can conduct a comprehensive hearing assessment in about half an hour and give you the results during the same visit.

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Bringing Advanced Hearing Aid Technology to Stanardsville, VA

You probably visualize the clunky, ugly contraptions your grandparents wore whenever someone mentions hearing aids. Thanks to micro-digital technology, today’s hearing aids are smaller, lighter weight, more stylish and often go completely unnoticed by those around you. They perform better, providing more natural sound with noise reduction features as well as limiting background noise in a various environments. Better yet, modern hearing aid technology allows you to link your hearing aids to devices like your television, cell phone and computer.

If hearing aids provide the best solution to your hearing challenges, your hearing aid specialist from Hearing at Home has a wide range of styles and brand names with various levels of available technology to choose from. We also provide cleaning, maintenance, adjustment and repair services to new and existing hearing aid users.

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Video Call Appointments with AVA Care

There are times when an appointment at your home or office is still a challenge. Hearing at Home provides an additional solution for you wherever you happen to be and whenever it is convenient for you. Using tele-conferencing, you can schedule an Access Video Audiology Care (AVA Care) appointment with one of our providers using your cell phone, tablet, or computer. This eliminates the need for a physical face-to-face visit whenever self-isolation is required, but you still need hearing care.

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Hearing Screenings for Employees

Hearing at Home also allows Stanardsville employers the opportunity to provide hearing screenings for employees as an important health benefit. We understand that missing work for an appointment can upset the workday flow, so our mobile hearing professionals can bring our quick, comprehensive hearing screening service to your place of business. Not only does this reduce scheduling headaches and save time, but encourages participation in an important aspect of their overall healthcare.