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The idea of leaving the urban grind for the suburbs is to enjoy greater safety and security, so it’s hard toimagine that you continue to live in danger in your safe community. The failure to hear fire alarms or sirens, the inability to understand instructions, and falling because of vertigo or balance issues are all dangers faced by individuals with an untreated hearing loss. Preventing these dangers and the catastrophic consequences that can come from them involves seeking professional hearing care. Many shy away from getting the help they need because the health risks, traveling, and scheduling challenges of attending an appointment in Richmond are overwhelming.

Short Pump, VA residents and those living nearby can now take advantage of mobile hearing servicesin their homes, offices, and places of business thanks to Hearing at Home. Our mobile hearing professionals have come to wherever you are since 2009, because we have committed to providing hearing care solutions to Virginians who can’t make it to an in-office appointment for a variety of reasons. Our service has become even more critical as we respond to an increasing need for self-isolation, social distancing, working from home, and limiting in-office appointments driven by a greater concern for public health.

Numerous Virginia communities have already taken advantage of our hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, hearing aid maintenance and care, and a variety of additional hearing care services in their homes, offices, and places of business. Now, you can too.

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Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

You probably make having your cholesterol and blood pressure checked, scheduling an annual physical, and having your eyes tested regularly healthcare priorities, but when was the last time you had a hearing test? In spite of the fact that hearing loss is the third most common health concern in America, and it continues to rise from generation to generation, many still don’t recognize a hearing assessment as a healthcare priority.

Short Pump, VA residents can commit to regular hearing assessments and hearing care in the comfort of their homes, offices, or wherever you happen to be thanks to the mobile hearing service provided by Hearing at Home. We will send a mobile hearing professional to your home to conduct a comprehensive hearing assessment that takes about a half an hour, and even discuss your test results and treatment options during the same visit.

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Bringing Advanced Hearing Aid Technology to Short Pump, VA

If you still visualize those bulky, ugly contraptions your parents or grandparents wore whenever someone mentions hearing aids, it’s time to revise your thinking. Thanks to advanced technology, today’s hearing aids are smaller, lighter weight, more fashionable, and usually go unnoticed by those around you. Better performance with a more natural sound and greater control of background noise in a variety of environments are all benefits of modern hearing aids. Additionally, it is now possible for users to connect your television, telephone, and computer to your hearing aids to enjoy a better hearing experience.

If hearing aids are the right solution for your hearing challenges, your hearing aid specialist from Hearing at Home will make a variety of styles and brand names with various levels of technology available for you to choose from. Our mobile hearing professionals also provide cleaning, maintenance,and adjustment and repair support to both new and existing hearing aid users.

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Video Call Appointments with AVA Care

There are times when an appointment, even in your home or office, presents some health, scheduling,and other challenges that can’t be overcome. In those situations, Hearing at Home provides an alternative solution to receive the hearing care you need. Our tele-conferencing service, Access Video Audiology Care (AVA Care), allows you to schedule a hearing care consultation with your provider by using your cell phone, tablet, or computer in order to avoid a physical, face-to-face visit during self-isolation or to overcome scheduling issues.

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Hearing Screenings for Employees

Hearing at Home goes beyond providing a mobile hearing service at home, Short Pump, VA employerscan also take advantage of our service to provide hearing screenings for your employees. We recognize that productivity and scheduling challenges often result from employees leaving work for an appointment, so we send our mobile hearing professionals to your place of business. Our quick, comprehensive hearing screening not only helps overcome these challenges, but also encourages your employees to participate in an important aspect of their overall healthcare

RequEst a Callback From a Specialist

If you or a loved one have any questions, need any help or would like a second opinion, then you can speak to one of our hearing specialists by completing this form.

We’ll then call you for a friendly, no-obligation discussion to answer any questions and offer our advice.

Alternatively, you can call us at (540) 908-9494


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