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Have you ever watched grass grow or paint dry? Hearing loss comes on in a similar fashion—its changes are unnoticeable from day to day—but once it becomes difficult to enjoy the pleasant sounds of nature that are all around you in the Shenandoah Valley, you know that the time to act has arrived. As it becomes more difficult to communicate with family and friends, your hearing loss affects not only what you can hear, but it also impacts your mental and physical health as well as your relationships and quality of life. You don’t have to struggle, because help for your condition is available. However, many are held back by the scheduling and traveling challenges, not to mention the health risks, of attending an appointment in Harrisonburg.

Rather than wrestling with the inconvenience of an office appointment, let our mobile hearing service come to you. Hearing at Home, in response to the increased demand for self-isolation and social distancing, provides hearing care to your Port Republic, VA home. Health concerns, working from home, and avoiding in-office appointments were not a part of normal life when we started in 2009. However, sending our mobile hearing professionals to homes, offices, and places of business has become an essential part of hearing care for Virginians since the chaos of 2020.

Just like you’d expect to find in a clinic, our mobile hearing professionals provide hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, the cleaning and repairing of hearing aids, and various other hearing care services in your home office or wherever you are.

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A Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

There are plenty of benefits included in seeking treatment for your hearing loss. Many who have sought help talk of an improved quality of life, feeling more acceptance and confidence, and greater overall satisfaction with their lives. Getting help also helps limit cognitive decline, helps you to maintain your balance, and allows you to be more active and independent. These benefits come after taking the initial step to schedule a hearing assessment.

The ease and convenience of having a hearing assessment in your Port Republic, VA home motivates many of our clients to prioritize their hearing care. The 30-minute hearing assessment conducted by our Hearing at Home mobile hearing professionals is quick and comprehensive, and your hearing care specialist will discuss the results and treatment options with you during the same visit.

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Port Republic Residents Can Enjoy Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Remember those bulky, noisy devices that gave your parents or grandparents so much trouble? Thanks to advanced hearing aid technology, they no longer exist. Today, you can expect your hearing aid to be smaller, lightweight, fashionable, and unnoticeable by those around you. Better performance with a more natural sound and the capacity of the device to distinguish and control background noise in various environments are features of modern hearing aids. Even better, today’s models allow you to link your television, cell phone, or computer to your hearing aids for a richer hearing experience.

Your Hearing at Home specialist might recommend hearing aids to overcome your hearing challenges and improve your quality of life. If so, you can expect to have a selection of brand names, styles, and different levels of technology available to choose from. Whether you are a new hearing aid user or have been wearing them for a while, our mobile hearing professionals also provide cleaning, maintenance, and adjustment and repair support for your device.

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Video Call Appointments with AVA Care

Is a hearing care appointment, even in your home, inconvenient or impractical? Access Video Audiology Care (AVA Care) is the tele-conferencing solution provided by Hearing at Home when you need hearing care, but due to self-isolation and various other challenges, you can’t attend a physical face-to-face appointment. AVA Care allows you access to your care provider for a face-to-face consultation via your cell phone, tablet, or computer.

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Hearing Screenings for Employees

Having a mobile hearing professional come to your home in Port Republic, VA is easy and convenient, but Hearing at Home also extends our service to employers who would like to provide hearing screenings for their employees as an added health benefit. Because employees leaving work for an appointment often causes workflow and scheduling headaches, bringing our mobile hearing service to your place of business to conduct quick comprehensive hearing assessments is a solution employers can get behind. Not only do you reduce productivity issues with our service, but you also encourage your employees to participate in an important aspect of their overall healthcare.


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