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Modern hearing aids are nothing like their early ancestors.

They started as simple funnel-like devices, which people used (often unsuccessfully) to amplify sounds entering their ears.

Then, in the early twentieth century, the very first electric hearing aids arrived, opening up a new era of technological developments.

Now, hearing aids are full of incredible features – whether it’s the ability to stream calls and music, personalize your daily experience, or charge batteries on-the-go.

But industry insiders suggest a new model of hearing aid, the ReSound ONE, might be about to change the way that devices are created well into the future!

Could This Hearing Aid Redefine the Sounds you Witness?

ReSound ONE’s manufacturers suggest that their new device offers considerable improvements in wearers’ hearing experiences compared with other brands and models.

But the Hearing at Home team wanted to put this claim to the test and look for real-world evidence that they could share with you and others.

That’s why we recently provided a small group of selected patients with the device and asked for their feedback.

The good news is, so far, they seem to be very impressed with its performance!

One reason why the new devices seem to be going down well is it imitates the way people hear naturally – using the shape of their ears to detect sounds and frequencies.

This breaks with decades of old design traditions and perhaps shows how other hearing aids will be produced in the future.

If you’d like to find out more about this new hearing technology, give us a call at (540) 908-9494, and we can set you up with a trial, so you can experience the difference for yourself.

Updates From The Office

As the seasons change, we continue to offer our teleaudiology service, Access Video Audiology, to those who would like non-contact support and evaluations.

If you require attention, give us a call at (540) 908-9494, and we can arrange a time and date that suits you!

You may have seen an article on our website discussing why so many military personnel have a hearing loss.

As we showed, this is often the unfortunate result of these men and women not having the proper form of hearing protection.

But exposure to loud noises isn’t unique to the military. It’s just as essential to protect your hearing if you’re using a leaf blower or working with heavy machinery, for example.

If you are concerned about how your daily activities might be affecting your hearing – whether you’re commuting to work or keeping your yard in top shape – contact us, and we can help you move forward!

How One Filmmaker Overcame His Hearing Loss

For many people, hearing loss can make you feel like you have to curtail your ambitions.

But a young deaf filmmaker, Chase Burton, decided his impairment wasn’t going to hamper his ability to create incredible movies.

He paired up with California tech company Not Impossible Labs, which provided him with a suit that let him “feel” different sounds.

Using pressure pads situated around his body, he was able to work with composers on the movie’s unique soundtrack and audio effects.

Chase told CNN, “I see technology as a real opportunity to bring deaf and hearing audiences together and create a new kind of experience.”

It’s a stunning story of how one person overcame adversity.

But it also shows how someone can achieve excellent results when they pair technological assistance with individual determination.

Find the full story here.


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