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You are probably unaware that putting off treatment for your hearing loss puts you at a greater risk of developing serious mental and physical health conditions. Those who allow their hearing loss to go untreated develop depression and anxiety while speeding up the process of cognitive decline and the onset of dementia. In addition, serious injuries from falls due to problems with balance and other physical health conditions are connected with untreated hearing loss. You can avoid these critical mental and physical health concerns and enjoy a better quality of life by getting the help you need. However, you might avoid that help because of the health risks and challenges of scheduling and attending an office appointment in Harrisonburg.

Shenandoah Valley communities like Mt Jackson, VA need access to quality hearing care that overcomes the challenges associated with in-office appointments. To respond to your needs, Hearing at Home sends our mobile hearing professionals to your home, office, or wherever you happen to be. Self-isolation, social distancing, and avoiding in-office appointments were not the norm when we started in 2009, and not many Virginians worked from home. Since our way of life changed dramatically in 2020, our mobile hearing service provides a solution to meet the challenges involved with meeting the hearing care needs of rural communities like yours.

You can count on the same services you get during a clinic visit, such as hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, cleaning and maintenance for your hearing aids, and other types of hearing care from our mobile hearing professionals, but in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you happen to be.

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A Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

Hearing loss is not simply a matter of needing to increase the volume of the world around you in order to hear. It is a unique experience affecting each person in a different way. How it begins, progresses, and its severity varies from one case to the next, but many share some characteristics in varying degrees, such as feelings of depression, anxiety, frustration, social isolation, and fatigue, all of which affect your quality of life. The solution to restoring your rewarding and independent lifestyle starts with a hearing assessment.

The mobile hearing service from Hearing at Home makes it easier and more convenient for Mt Jackson, VA residents to identify the unique characteristics of their condition from a hearing assessment and receive the treatment they need. Our mobile hearing professional will conduct a comprehensive hearing assessment lasting about 30 minutes while you remain comfortable in your home or office and then discuss your test results during the same visit.

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Advanced Hearing Aid Technology Is Available in Mt Jackson, VA

You probably think of the bulky, noisy devices worn by your parents or grandparents whenever someone mentions hearing aids. Like other forms of technology, hearing aids have changed and are nothing like they were even a decade ago. Modern hearing aids are lighter weight, much smaller, fashionable, and allow for greater wearing discretion. A more natural sound and noise reduction technologies that limit background noise in a variety of environments are all performance features that are the result of advanced hearing aid technology. As a bonus, your television, cell phone, and computer can be connected to your hearing aids for a more rewarding sound experience.

Hearing aids are often the best solution to restore your hearing as well as your lifestyle. You will be happy to know that your hearing aid specialist from Hearing at Home has a wide selection of brand names, a variety of styles, and various levels of technology to fit your lifestyle and personal preferences. If you already use hearing aids, then call on our mobile hearing professionals for cleaning, maintenance, and adjustment and repair support for your devices.

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Video Call Appointments with AVA Care

Hearing at Home is all about making hearing care convenient, but there are times when self-isolation or other challenges make a physical face-to-face appointment, even in your home, inconvenient. When those circumstances arise, we can still provide a solution by using tele-conferencing. With our Access Video Audiology Care (AVA Care), you can have your needs met by linking via your cell phone, tablet, or computer for a face-to-face consultation with your care provider.

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Hearing Screenings for Employees

In addition to having our mobile hearing service come to your Mt Jackson, VA home, employers can take advantage of providing an important health benefit to their employees through hearing screenings. We send our Hearing at Home mobile hearing professional to your place of business to conduct quick comprehensive hearing screenings as a solution to the scheduling and productivity challenges that result from employees leaving work for an appointment. Besides helping your business stay on schedule, our service is a great way to encourage participation in an important aspect of the overall health of your employees.

RequEst a Callback From a Specialist

If you or a loved one have any questions, need any help or would like a second opinion, then you can speak to one of our hearing specialists by completing this form.

We’ll then call you for a friendly, no-obligation discussion to answer any questions and offer our advice.

Alternatively, you can call us at (540) 908-9494


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