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Your ability to hear directly correlates to your ability to maintain your center of balance, according to a Washington University School of Medicine study. The study determined that hearing aids had a significant impact when it came to maintaining balance when compared to those who did not have the benefits they provided. An added benefit of hearing aids is their capacity to bring back pleasant Shenandoah Valley sounds, such as chattering squirrels, bird songs, the wind in the trees, and a gurgling brook, that make life worth living. If you are experiencing a hearing loss, it is time to seek help through professional hearing care. However, sometimes there are more challenges involved in a hurried trip into Harrisonburg for an appointment, which is also a risk to your health.

Hearing at Home understands that Massanutten, VA residents need easy and convenient access to better hearing care without the hassles of scheduling and traveling. So, we send our mobile hearing professionals to Shenandoah Valley communities like yours to meet your hearing care needs in your home, office, or wherever you are. Social distancing, working from home, self-isolation, and limiting in-office appointments were not at all common when we started our service in 2009, but as our way of life changed in 2020, providing a mobile hearing service to rural Virginians meets a critical need that continues to grow.

Our mobile hearing professionals provide the same services as you would receive in a clinic, such as hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, cleaning, maintenance, and repair, for your existing hearing aids and other services to meet other hearing care needs.

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A Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

Treating your hearing loss, according to research, provides greater overall satisfaction and an improved quality of life. Feelings of acceptance and confidence, preventing the early onset of cognitive decline, maintaining your balance, and continuing to enjoy a more active and independent lifestyle are added benefits of treating your condition. These benefits can be yours if you take the simple first step of scheduling a hearing assessment.

Getting a hearing assessment is easier and more convenient than ever for Massanutten, VA residents because Hearing at Home provides a mobile hearing service to your home, office, or place of business. About 30 minutes of your time is all that is required by our mobile hearing professional to conduct a comprehensive hearing assessment and then discuss the results with you during the same visit.

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Massanutten Residents Can Enjoy Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Do you still think of the bulking, squealing devices your parents or grandparents wore when someone mentions hearing aids? You can put that stigma out of your mind because modern hearing aids are much different. Smaller, lighter, fashionable, stylish, and nearly invisible are common characteristics of today’s hearing aids. Advanced hearing technology has also made for better performance, more natural sound, and the capacity to distinguish and control background noise in a broad range of environments. Linking your hearing aids to your television, telephone, or computer for an enhanced hearing experience is an added benefit of the digital technology included in today’s devices.

For many, hearing aids represent the best option for meeting your hearing challenges. Your Hearing at Home mobile hearing professional also helps you to choose the hearing aid best suited to meet your needs and preferences from a variety of brand names, styles, and levels of technology. Our devices are available to fit your needs as well as your lifestyle and personal preferences. If you are a new or existing user, you can also take advantage of our cleaning, maintenance, and adjustment and repair services.

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Video Call Appointments with AVA Care

Self-isolation and other scheduling or location challenges sometimes make a physical appointment, even in your home, unworkable. Hearing at Home provides solutions for these cases as well by using Access Video Audiology Care (AVA Care). AVA Care extends the capacity to meet your needs with tele-conferencing via your cell phone, tablet, or computer to allow access to your service provider for a face-to-face consultation.

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Hearing Screenings for Employees

Massanutten, VA residents are not the only ones who can take advantage of our mobile hearing service. Hearing at Home also extends our service to area employers in order to add hearing screenings as a part of their employee health benefits. Because interruptions to your workday flow and scheduling headaches often go along with employees leaving the office for an appointment, we provide an alternative by bringing our mobile hearing professionals to your place of business for quick, comprehensive hearing screenings. Besides helping you to maintain productivity, our service encourages your employees to take part in an important aspect of their overall healthcare.

RequEst a Callback From a Specialist

If you or a loved one have any questions, need any help or would like a second opinion, then you can speak to one of our hearing specialists by completing this form.

We’ll then call you for a friendly, no-obligation discussion to answer any questions and offer our advice.

Alternatively, you can call us at (540) 908-9494


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