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Have you taken conversations with family and friends, the sounds of laughter when your children or grandchildren are playing, or the comforting sounds of nature in the Shenandoah Valley for granted? When it becomes a struggle to enjoy the little things in life due to hearing loss, the rich, independent lifestyle you have gotten used to is interrupted. Leaving a hearing loss untreated complicates things by adding the risk of developing other serious physical and mental health issues. The help you need comes from a hearing assessment and hearing care. However, for many, the travel and scheduling challenges as well as the health risks for an office appointment in Harrisonburg can be overwhelming.

Thanks to Hearing at Home, Lynnwood, VA residents can avoid these challenges and risks by calling on our mobile hearing service. Designed to meet the growing demands for social distancing, self-isolation, working from home, and limitations related to attending in-office appointments, we send our mobile hearing professionals to your home, office, or wherever you happen to be.

Hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, cleaning and maintenance for your hearing aids, and a variety of other services to meet your hearing care needs are all part of the service our hearing care specialists have provided to thousands of Virginians since 2009.

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A Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

Some assume that hearing loss is nothing more than not being able to hear without turning up the volume. However, every individual experiences it in a unique way such as how it begins, how it progresses, and its level of severity. Various characteristics, such as feelings of depression, anxiety, frustration, social isolation, and fatigue, all of which reduce the quality of your life, also accompany hearing loss. Getting the help you need so that you can get back to the rewarding, independent lifestyle you value starts with a hearing assessment.

It is now easier and more convenient for Lynnwood, VA residents to gain access to hearing assessments and hearing care by taking advantage of Hearing at Home’s mobile hearing service. Our mobile hearing professional can come to your home, office, or place of business to conduct a 30-minute comprehensive hearing assessment and then provide you with the test results during the same visit.

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Advanced Hearing Aid Technology Is Available in Lynnwood, VA

You probably recall the noisy, bulky devices worn by your parents or grandparents whenever there is a discussion about hearing aids. The stigma of those outdated contraptions is rapidly disappearing as advanced hearing aid technology continues to produce lighter weight, more streamlined, stylish, and nearly invisible devices. Their greater performance includes a more natural sound as well as the capacity to distinguish and control background noise in a variety of environments. Modern hearing aids can also connect directly to other digital devices, such as your television, telephone, and computer, for a richer hearing experience.

Hearing aids can provide the best solution to restore your hearing and get you back to enjoying a better quality of life. Your Hearing at Home hearing care specialist will have a selection of brand name devices in a variety of styles and with different levels of available technology to choose from. If you already wear hearing aids, take advantage of the expertise of your service provider for cleaning, maintenance, and adjustment and repair of your devices, whether you’re new to us or an existing client.

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Video Call Appointments with AVA Care

Self-isolation and other scheduling challenges sometimes make even an appointment in your home unworkable. To meet your needs in these situations, Hearing at Home provides an alternative tele-conferencing service called Access Video Audiology Care (AVA Care). Connecting to AVA Care via your cell phone, tablet, or computer allows you access to your service provider without requiring a physical visit.

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Hearing Screenings for Employees

Lynnwood, VA residents are not the only ones who can take advantage of Hearing at Home’s mobile hearing service. Employers can also call on our mobile service professionals to come to your place of business to conduct quick comprehensive hearing screenings for your employees. Besides helping to reduce the productivity and scheduling challenges associated with employees leaving work for appointments, at work screenings encourage employees to take part in an important aspect of their overall health.


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