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  • Stephanie Ford Avatar

    My father only agreed to have his hearing tested when We found Hearing at Home. There was no obligation, and the test was done in the privacy of his home. Jimmy put a trial hearing aid with his prescription on him and my father could hear someone speaking from behind him! His hearing aids came within a week, were very reasonably priced, and were state of the art!! My father has transitioned beautifully and Jimmy and his team have been available with answers to questions every step of the way! Even after my father decided to move to another town, Jimmy has continued to serve his needs! Mobile services for hearing is the only way my father would be convinced to get his hearing tested and now he is reaping so many benefits of life!! When you can’t hear your life shrinks!! We are so grateful to Hearing at Home!

    Stephanie Ford 12/21/2018
  • Gary Huffman Avatar

    They will come to your house. Also home hearing test. Michael Comb's knows his stuff. Been dealing with them around 7 years!!

    Gary Huffman 10/01/2019
  • Ryleigh Harrup Avatar

    I am a very busy person, one who needed a hearing evaluation but the local Centers operated on the same schedule as my work schedule. I happen to park next to the Mobile Hearing van at the grocery store. I asked the young lady for a business card, made the call from inside the grocery store and had an in home appointment two days later on my schedule. Courtney, the Specialist, was wonderful. She arrived on time, was very friendly and knowledgeable. She was well prepared and took the time to review results and answer my many questions. Prior to her leaving, I was equipped with hearing aides, a working knowledge as to how to operate them and contact information ,if needed for support. I am so pleased with the service and the fact that I can hear, that I have given a business card to a co-worker. I highly recommend this service.
    Anne W.

    Ryleigh Harrup 1/09/2020
  • Shirley Dean Avatar

    I have worked with Mike since 2014. Mike has made home visits, on the road visits etc to be sure I have the best experience with my hearing aids. If you are in need reach out to Mike and his staff at Hearing At Home Hearing Center f- office located in Harrisonburg Va. B Dean- Elkton

    Shirley Dean 3/10/2021
  • Steve Quick Avatar

    From the time I walked in I fel.t comfortable then I met Mike he was very professional gave me a test and his evaluation and fit me with a pair of hearing aids.Later on that same day went back and told them how happy I was with their service.Saw Mike again yesterday he answered all my question s.I felt like I had a new best friend .Thanks again to Mike and I can't forget Roberta she was very professional also .Would recommend these people to anyone and everyone I know!

    Steve Quick 1/10/2020
  • Andrea Neiman Avatar

    I noticed that my mom made off topic comments during most conversations. Also she would nod her head while we were talking, but when I asked her to repeat what I said, she would admit that she didn't hear me. Lastly, she would ask me to repeat what I had just said, so I would increase my volume. Sometimes she would ask me to repeat it again, so I would raise my voice even louder. Then she would say not to shout at her and get her feelings hurt. That was never my intent. I knew that she needed hearing aids, but she didn't think she did.

    We don't have that problem anymore since she went to a session with Hearing at Home Mobile Hearing Center at the assisted living facility where she lives. At the end of the session she took a quick test where someone asked her to repeat 10 words. She only got 3 correct. Therefore, HHMHC contacted me to ask if I would like Mom to take a quick and free more comprehensive hearing test in the convenience of her own room. At the end of the test, Mom got to try some hearing aids. WOW! what a difference these hearing aids have made. Her hearing is so much better, and she is much happier thanks to the kind and enlightening people at HHMHC. If you're considering hearing aids for a loved one, don't hesitate to call HHMHC. They offer a 30 day trial period, various types of hearing aids at different price points, monthly visits to check if adjustments are necessary, and best of all - THEY COME TO YOU!!! Thanks again HHMHC for improving the quality of Mom's life! You are amazing!

    Andrea Neiman 9/26/2019
  • Sofia Syed Avatar

    I’ve been wearing hearing aids my whole life. As my hearing level have been declining over the years, I’ve lost hope to hear again. I came in and was surprised to go home with brand new and updated hearing aids. They are very responsive to all of my concerns and worked to fit all of my needs including the use of Bluetooth and come up with a plan that fit my budget. I highly recommend any deaf customers to visit this business. They know what they are doing and the staffs there are all friendly and very helpful!

    Sofia Syed 2/24/2020
  • Kathy Hammarstrom Jansen Avatar

    Michael was very knowledgeable, and the free week test was great! I would highly recommend "Hearing at Home" to anyone.

    Kathy Hammarstrom Jansen 12/13/2016
  • Alan E Mann & Hazel R. Mann Avatar

    Two new Hearing Aids - Excellent A totally positive experience from beginning to end! Amazing improvements in hearing under all conditions - a new life! Service is outstanding & ready when/if needed. They are there for anyone liking the idea of them being available right in your home. Would we recommend them to any and all? You better believe it! Many thanks!

    Alan E Mann & Hazel R. Mann 3/27/2020
  • Danny Wyant Avatar

    My hearing aids get exposed to a lot of dust/dirt, so they probably require an above average amount of maintenance and repairs.

    Michael and his associates at Hearing at Home have always been able to provide a prompt appointment, often the same day. They have always arrived right on schedule. Most of the time they have been able to fix issues on the spot. When repairs have been more extensive than can been done in the field, turnaround time has been quick.

    Their hearing aid prices are better than any other local providers I have found, and are only slightly higher than online providers who have very limited service included in the price.

    Danny Wyant 4/15/2020
  • Raymond Courchene Avatar

    My wife needed a hearing aid to improve her life. Many thanks to Michael with all his patience and his special expert attention to fit her needs with just the perfect hearing aid. He was very detailed on the process and did an outstanding job caring for her needs to improve her life style.
    We would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a hearing aid! All our best, Ray and Diana

    Raymond Courchene 2/03/2020
  • Melanie Bond Shields Avatar

    What an amazing group of people!! You are left with total confidence in their ability to help your loved one.

    Melanie Bond Shields 3/30/2021
  • Gloria Smith Avatar

    The convenience of their multiple locations is excellent. I've been to both physical locations and have used their in-home care as well. I highly recommend this practice. They are professional, friendly, and accommodating.

    Gloria Smith 1/08/2020
  • Nathaniel Allen Avatar

    I went to receive my new hearing aids , which are amazing themselves. I also received awesome Customer service and they were a huge help. They always make sure my hearing aids are comfortable and clear. I definitely recommend them!

    Nathaniel Allen 3/09/2021
  • Gary Huffman Avatar

    They will come to your house and do the Hearing Test ?!! Friendly and helpful. Know what they are doing!! Highly recommend them!!

    Gary Huffman 10/07/2019
  • JUDY Hawks Avatar

    Thank You Kudos to Jimmy and Hearing @ Home! What a wonderful service for those patients that home bound (especially now with the Covid 19) Jimmy has an awesome bedside manner and is a certified Dementia Specialist. He assessed my 86 y.o. mom for hearing aids, AND we didn't have to travel. Unfortunately, with her advancing health challenges and recent passing she wasn't successful with the hearing aids. In fact, she only wore them 4 or 5 times. I couldn't bear the thought of throwing the hearing aids away. But Jimmy took the time and re-purposed the hearing aids for one of my coworkers who couldn't afford hearing aids. He drove over 2 hours in the rain to assess and fit my mom's hearing aids for this coworker. And the hearing aids are still under warranty. Hearing @ Home believes in keeping the CARE in healthcare. I'm sure my mom is smiling in heaven. Many Thanks, Judy, Daughter of patient.

    JUDY Hawks 3/31/2020
  • Hannah Einstein Avatar

    Everyone at Hearing at Home is very personable and welcoming. Even though I didn’t need hearing aids, they helped me find the right type of earphones that I needed for my small ears: Westone AC10. Courtney took molds of my ears, sent them in, and within a few weeks, I had my brand new earphones! I’d recommend them for all your hearing needs, not just hearing aids.

    Hannah Einstein 6/18/2019
  • Carol Pendleton Avatar

    Jimmy Stewart is a wonderful person who has made my elderly residents able to hear better as well as comfortable and happy. The residents are more active and engaging than ever before. He always has a smile and is ready to help regardless of how small the task.

    Carol Pendleton 5/22/2017
  • Melanie S Avatar

    My husband came here and the specialist he saw was Courtney Combs. She was very knowledgeable and patient while answering all of his questions. I really appreciated how clean the office was and the safety measures they took. The staff was great to work with and the whole process was relaxing, smooth With no pressure to buy. I would recommend Hearing At Home to everyone.

    Melanie S 3/24/2021
  • Brooke Sparks Avatar

    Hearing at Home Mobile Hearing Center is the best. I am a Nurse Practitioner for two busy Assisted Living facilities in the Fredericksburg area and they take great care of our patients. They are professional, courteous, considerate, and timely. They follow up and even have helped our patients get hearing aid replacements or repaired their hearing aids with little to no out of pocket to the patients. I cannot stress what a great job they do for my patients and families!

    Brooke Sparks 6/04/2017

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