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  • Gary Huffman Avatar

    They will come to your house and do the Hearing Test 👍!! Friendly and helpful. Know what they are doing!! Highly recommend them!!

    Gary Huffman 10/07/2019
  • Kathy Hammarstrom Jansen Avatar

    Michael was very knowledgeable, and the free week test was great! I would highly recommend "Hearing at Home" to anyone.

    Kathy Hammarstrom Jansen 12/13/2016
  • Steve Quick Avatar

    From the time I walked in I fel.t comfortable then I met Mike he was very professional gave me a test and his evaluation and fit me with a pair of hearing aids.Later on that same day went back and told them how happy I was with their service.Saw Mike again yesterday he answered all my question s.I felt like I had a new best friend .Thanks again to Mike and I can't forget Roberta she was very professional also .Would recommend these people to anyone and everyone I know!

    Steve Quick 1/10/2020
  • JUDY Hawks Avatar

    Thank You Kudos to Jimmy and Hearing @ Home! What a wonderful service for those patients that home bound (especially now with the Covid 19) Jimmy has an awesome bedside manner and is a certified Dementia Specialist. He assessed my 86 y.o. mom for hearing aids, AND we didn't have to travel. Unfortunately, with her advancing health challenges and recent passing she wasn't successful with the hearing aids. In fact, she only wore them 4 or 5 times. I couldn't bear the thought of throwing the hearing aids away. But Jimmy took the time and re-purposed the hearing aids for one of my coworkers who couldn't afford hearing aids. He drove over 2 hours in the rain to assess and fit my mom's hearing aids for this coworker. And the hearing aids are still under warranty. Hearing @ Home believes in keeping the CARE in healthcare. I'm sure my mom is smiling in heaven. Many Thanks, Judy, Daughter of patient.

    JUDY Hawks 3/31/2020
  • Thomas E. Carpenter III Avatar

    Jimmy Stewart and the Hearing At Home Team Jimmy Stewart is an example of what a business man should be- he is professional, a perceptive listener, and personally committed to what he does. He cares deeply about his patients, and stays on the leading edge of rapidly- changing hearing technology. As one who lost his hearing totally in Vietnam for four days, and came away with significant damage to my hearing, later aggravated by tank ranges and improper hearing protection from the Army, and as a stroke survivor, I have come to better understand and appreciate the professionalism of the Hearing at Home Team.

    Thomas E. Carpenter III 11/06/2020
  • Gloria Smith Avatar

    The convenience of their multiple locations is excellent. I've been to both physical locations and have used their in-home care as well. I highly recommend this practice. They are professional, friendly, and accommodating.

    Gloria Smith 1/08/2020
  • Hannah Einstein Avatar

    Everyone at Hearing at Home is very personable and welcoming. Even though I didn’t need hearing aids, they helped me find the right type of earphones that I needed for my small ears: Westone AC10. Courtney took molds of my ears, sent them in, and within a few weeks, I had my brand new earphones! I’d recommend them for all your hearing needs, not just hearing aids.

    Hannah Einstein 6/18/2019
  • Linda Coffman Avatar

    Being able to be in my familiar surroundings was nice.
    Very nice people!

    Linda Coffman 4/25/2020
  • Alan E Mann & Hazel R. Mann Avatar

    Two new Hearing Aids - Excellent A totally positive experience from beginning to end! Amazing improvements in hearing under all conditions - a new life! Service is outstanding & ready when/if needed. They are there for anyone liking the idea of them being available right in your home. Would we recommend them to any and all? You better believe it! Many thanks!

    Alan E Mann & Hazel R. Mann 3/27/2020
  • Gary Huffman Avatar

    They will come to your house. Also home hearing test. Michael Comb's knows his stuff. Been dealing with them around 7 years!!

    Gary Huffman 10/01/2019