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July is often a time when everyone makes the best of the warm conditions – watching fireworks explode on Independence Day and listening to live music during the humid evenings.

But these experiences often come with a catch: when we’re exposed to sounds above a certain threshold, it can lead to permanent damage later in life.

Someone who’s familiar with this is musician Huey Lewis, of Huey Lewis and the News.

In 2018, he was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, which can lead to hearing loss, tinnitus, and vertigo symptoms. Luckily, he decided to take swift action, and today, his situation is improving.

“I’m hoping to recover my hearing so we can get the band back together and play live,” he said in a recent West Virginia Public Broadcasting interview.

It can’t have been easy for Huey to discuss his condition with others.
But in fact, he’s one of many celebrities, including Halle Berry, Barbra Streisand, Rob Lowe, and Robert Redford, who’ve made their hearing loss public.

Manufacturers like American Girl have also made a difference by releasing a doll sporting hearing aids as their signature product for 2020.

By reducing stigma and supporting those with a hearing loss, brands and personalities are allowing more people to access the right treatment.

If you’ve taken steps to address a hearing problem, now is the time to feel proud of your actions and help others who are worried about their symptoms.

Be a Part of Something Great

Over the past month, the team has been assisting those with a hearing loss across Virginia.

This has included setting up a ‘mobile health center’, offering curbside cleaning, adjustments, and repairs to those in retirement communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

But for someone who has worries, nothing can replace a chat with someone they trust, especially if that person has experience of a hearing loss.

The faster someone receives care, the more their hearing is likely to stabilize in the long term. And a comprehensive hearing test is the first step on the journey to a solution.

If you or someone else close to you has a concern, contact the Hearing at Home team and they’ll be ready to offer rapid assistance.

Hearing at Home Keeps Patients Safe & Connected With Brand-New Telehealth Service in Virginia

These appointments offer an easy solution for anyone who is seeking hearing health advice, support, or reassurance.

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Have a question or need help? Then we’re here for you.

Call us at (540) 908-9494.

Have a great July!

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Michael Combs

Prior to co-founding Hearing at Home in 2016, Michael worked for a variety of practices in the Harrisonburg, VA area. He is trained in a wide range of hearing devices and tinnitus therapy. Michael is passionate about bringing healing to people who have been through terrible experiences related to auditory damage. He helps his clients, who include young people, adults and families, with hearing-related issues to learn to enjoy life again and to strengthen their relationships with friends and family through better hearing.