Are You Also Struggling To Wear a Face Mask With Hearing Aids?

Request Your Complimentary ‘Mask Extender’ [500 Available]

Face masks + hearing aids = disaster!

Ever since face masks became mandatory, we’ve had a surge of phone calls from patients that are having challenges, losing devices or are frustrated by their hearing aids pinging across the room every time they adjust their face mask.

So we have found a solution!

Mask extenders – or what we call ‘Hear Savers’ – allow you to connect your face mask securely to the extender, which sits at the back of your head, ensuring that your face mask straps do not sit around you ears.

This ensures that you can comfortably wear your face mask without any risk of losing or impacting your hearing devices.

With increased demand from our patients, we have ordered 500 custom-printed ‘Hearing at Home’ extenders that we would like to give away to hearing aid wearers across Virginia.

If you or a loved one wear hearing aids and are experiencing challenges with face masks, then we would love to send you a mask extender for free.

Simply complete the form on this page and we’ll mail your extender to you in the next 3-5 days.

Request Your ‘Hear Saver’

Mailed to you in the next 3-5 working days, for free.

What is a Mask Extender?

In simple terms, a mask extender is a strap that sits at the back of your head that you can connect the straps of your face mask to.

The reason that so many hearing aid wearers are purchasing these is because they allow you to wear a face mask without having to sit the strap behind your ears, running the risk of dislodging or losing your hearing devices.

We have seen these on sale for between $7.00 to $15.00 for one extender, but we have invested into 500 extenders that we are giving away for free to hearing aid wearers across Virginia.

If you or a loved one wear hearing devices and are frustrated by the challenges presented by face masks, then be sure to complete the form on this page.

You will receive your extender in the next 3-5 working days.

Who Is ‘Hearing at home’ and why are you giving these away?

Hearing at Home are Virginia’s premier mobile hearing care experts, travelling across Virginia to deliver the most convenient hearing care, whether visiting you at your home or screening employees on behalf of employers.

The reason we have made the decision to give away 500 mask extenders at our own cost is for two reasons.

#1 – We see the struggle that many hearing aid wearers are having and feel an obligation to help, just like we did during the start of COVID where we helped all hearing aid wearers across the state who no longer had access to their provider.

#2 – We see this as an opportunity to put our best foot forward and introduce ourselves to hearing aid wearers across Virginia, to show them why working with mobile experts like ourselves may be the best option for them.