Fred Combs Jr.

Hearing Instrument Specialist

I spent almost a decade in HVAC as a service technician. I found the work extremely physically demanding and the hours highly undesirable. I then moved into Mechanical work for U-haul (Amerco Corp.); I was a mechanic and worked my way to official vehicle inspector. I slowly made my transition into Information Technology work of which I enjoy immensely and throughout my life have done off and on. I worked these jobs for 3 years.

I made my move to Hearing At Home where I am a hearing aid specialist in the early months of 2018. I find the work worthwhile as I love helping people and I find this profession very rewarding. I worked in the American Sign Language (ASL) field as a volunteer interpreter with my wife for 11 years. Her cousin and some of my close friends are deaf and we felt it a duty to ourselves to learn their language so we could communicate with them and help them feel the love of true friendship. I also enjoy chess and any game that makes me think deeply. Most of all I love doing biblical research as it occupies much of my free time and fills me with joy.


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