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The little things in life, like sound of crickets chirping, chattering squirrels or bird songs during a hike in Mint Springs Valley Park, add so much to your quality of life. When these sounds become less noticeable or you begin to understand conversations, a hearing assessment and hearing care are the right response. However, an office appointment, even in nearby Charlottesville can pose a challenge as well as a health risk.

Hearing at Home, responding to an increasing need in Crozet, VA and nearby communities now provide mobile hearing service to your home or office. The events of 2020 changed how we live and work, causing more people to work at home, social distance and avoid in-office appointments of all kinds. Since 2009, our mobile hearing professionals have made it more convenient for Virginians to receive the hearing care they need wherever they are.

Hearing tests, hearing aid fittings, care and maintenance for your existing hearing devices and other hearing healthcare needs provided by our team of specialists are addressed at your home, office or wherever you happen to be.

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A Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

According to National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) statistics, only 20% of approximately 36 million Americans with hearing loss, who might benefit from treatment, seek the help they need. That means that the other 80% fail to recognize the problem or needlessly struggle to follow conversations with their family and friends. The first step to better hearing health is a comprehensive hearing assessment.

Hearing at Home is making it easier for Crozet and Albemarle County residents to seek the help they need by scheduling a comprehensive hearing assessment in the comfort of their home, office or place of work. The test requires little more than 30 minutes of your time and our professional service provider will provide you with the results during the same visit.

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Providing Advanced Hearing Aid Technology in Crozet, VA

Do you see those clunky, bulky contraptions your grandparents wore whenever someone mentions hearing aids? It’s time to put that image out of our mind. Today’s hearing aids are smaller, lighter weight, more stylish and are nearly invisible to those around you. They produce higher quality and more natural sound while reducing background noise in various environments. Modern, digital hearing aids also allow you to link directly to devices like your television, cell phone and computer.

If hearing aids are the right solution to restore your hearing, your Hearing at Home hearing aid specialist will provide you with a broad choice of styles and brand names with the available technology you’re comfortable with. In addition, new or existing hearing aid users can take advantage of our expertise for device cleaning, maintenance, adjustment and repair services.

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Telehealth Appointments with AVA Care

Sometimes, even an appointment at your home or office is a challenge. We provide an an additional solution when self-isolation, a face-to-face visit or scheduling the service you need is simply not feasible. For those situations, Hearing at Home allows you to schedule an Access Video Audiology Care (AVA Care) appointment, which uses video conferencing technology via your cell phone, tablet, or computer in order to consult with one of our service providers.

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Provide Hearing Screenings to Your Employees

In addition to visiting your Crozet home, Hearing at Home allows area employers to provide hearing screenings to employees as an important health benefit. Because you are busy and missed work for an appointment can upset the workday flow, our specialists are available to provide quick, comprehensive hearing screenings into your place of business. In addition to reducing headaches from schedule disruption, our service encourages broader participation in an important aspect of the overall healthcare of your employees.


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