Receive a Generous Valuation on Your Existing Devices to Help You to Step into New Technology, with Your Existing Devices Being Donated to Somebody in Need

It truly breaks our heart that there are thousands of wonderful people within our communities that need help with their hearing but either prioritize others or do not have the financial means to step into better hearing.

You may even know these people first hand, they could be loved ones or friends.

But they are living their life without knowing what they’re missing, causing continuous damage to their hearing and making everyday activities more challenging for them and the people around them.

That’s why, we want to do something to help.

We have set a target of helping 50 local people to achieve better hearing over the next 90 days through our new “Give the Gift of Better Hearing” program.

This is where we’ll find deserving local people and fit them with refurbished hearing devices to help them to achieve better hearing and find a new lease of life. 

You know first-hand just how much of a difference better hearing makes, and you may even know some friends or family members that would benefit from being fitted with hearing technology.

However, we need YOUR help!

Because we aim to help 50 people but we only have a small handful of hearing aids in our donation supply.

That is why we’re offering an opportunity to existing hearing aid wearers to receive a generous trade-in credit on their existing devices to help them step into new technology.

We will then professionally refurbish their devices and fit them on someone in need.

Think of it like this – they get better hearing, and their existing devices are used to ensure that somebody in our community gets better hearing, too. 

You may even decide that you would like your existing devices to be fitted onto a friend or loved one, and we would be more than happy to help and professionally test their hearing, fit them and offer them our support.

It truly is a win/win.

With the latest technology including rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth connectivity and some of the best sound quality we’ve ever seen, you’ll be amazed at how far technology has progressed over the past several years.

To schedule your appointment to have your hearing devices valued and explore the latest technology, then reserve your appointment by calling (540) 908-9494 or complete the form on this page.

We will assess your current hearing aids and offer you substantial trade-in-credit to try a new hearing aid along with a long-term care and service package.

If you are happy with the trade-in offer, we will fit you with your new devices and take your previous hearing aids, recondition them and donate them to somebody in need or somebody close to you that you believe would benefit from them.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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