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You may have realized from our recent blogs and social media posts that there’s something special happening throughout August: Hearing Health Awareness Month!

This is a fantastic time to spread awareness, which today is more important than ever.

Face masks have made communication difficult for a range of people. And many who relied on lip-reading are suddenly waking up to the realities of a hearing loss.

Not everyone finds it easy to seek the right treatment.

But Hearing Health Awareness Month is a great time to educate and support those feeling uncertain about how to address a possible condition.
Do You Think You Could Help?

Begin by thinking of who might be experiencing hearing challenges among your friends and loves ones.

Then reach out to them and ask if they’ve considered getting a comprehensive hearing assessment. Just this small inquiry can make a world of difference.

Additionally, the team is on the lookout for those who feel ready to share their journey to better hearing with the world.

These written or recorded stories offer incredible insights for those who have concerns. Let the team know if you’re willing to help, and they’ll provide you with extra information.

We appreciate all you do.

What Have The Hearing at Home Team Been up to?

Before the pandemic, Hearing at Home offered free mobile clinics, with complimentary checks and cleaning, to 34 assisted and independent living communities in Virginia.

It’s fantastic that the team has now restarted some of these again, with several more planned throughout August.

The Hearing at Home staff continues to keep you safe under a strict cleanliness policy, wearing masks and goggles while sanitizing all equipment prior to and after use.

Patients can not only complete their first appointment questionnaire online, but they can also schedule a booking on our website – making it even easier to see one of our specialists.

And besides helping people across Virginia, our co-founder Jimmy Stewart found the time during the pandemic to plant his garden this year. He can’t wait to see the fruits of his labor!

Top Tips For Managing New Challenges

The Hearing at Home team knows that many people have found the past few months challenging. It’s been particularly difficult for the hard of hearing.

So they’ve created a list of their “top tips” for how you can make the best of these new normal circumstances.

1. Masks are making life troublesome for hearing aid wearers. But if you remove them by grasping the top band while lifting up and backward, they won’t get caught. Take a look at our video below for tips.

2. For those who are worried about losing a hearing aid, download a handy “find my device” app – like ReSound Smart 3D – to ensure you always know where they are.

3. If you’d prefer to remain at home throughout the pandemic, without visitors, why not arrange a call with a specialist via our telehealth platform AVA Care?

4. You may have to adjust your speaking position to hear others who are wearing face masks. The team can help you to personalize your devices for these interactions.

If you have any worries or would like to share your tips with others, contact the office.

The Hearing at Home team would be happy to have your input.


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Have a great August!

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Michael Combs

Prior to co-founding Hearing at Home in 2016, Michael worked for a variety of practices in the Harrisonburg, VA area. He is trained in a wide range of hearing devices and tinnitus therapy. Michael is passionate about bringing healing to people who have been through terrible experiences related to auditory damage. He helps his clients, who include young people, adults and families, with hearing-related issues to learn to enjoy life again and to strengthen their relationships with friends and family through better hearing.